What is Uberstix?

Uberstix is a construction system for both kids and adults. It mimics many aspects of real construction tools, parts, and resources, to make building with Uberstix not only fun, but educational.

What makes Uberstix different from other build systems?

Uberstix parts were design with the golden ratio in mind to increase compatibility with other items. As a result Uberstix can connect to many familiar objects, including disposable straws, popsicle sticks, water bottles, and many other items. Uberstix also integrates with all major build systems, including K’Nex, Megabloks, and Lego. Got Stix? Let’s build 🙂

How do I get Uberstix?

You can purchase Uberstix as a set, in multi-packs, or download and print your own Uberstix parts (3D printer required for that last option).

More to come! Submit questions here.