Where did the inspiration for Uberstix come from?

“I was traveling with my eight-year-old son, when on the way to our hotel we stopped so he
could buy a block-construction toy hang-glider with his allowance. It came with one of
its popular characters, and he could not wait to build it. He was disapointed when he
opened it and realized that it was representational…It wasn’t meant to actually fly.

I saw this as an opportunity to teach him about problem-solving, so we
went on a scavenger hunt, and 20 minutes later, with paper, tape and a small straw,
we had built a working hang-glider for the small action figure. He played with it for hours,
flying it off the second-floor balcony.

That was the spark that became Uberstix… that boats would float and sail,
planes would fly, and buildings would be structural”

Dane Scarborough