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Uberstix Works
With Other Build Systems.

LEGO, K’nex, MegaBlocks, Erector, You Name It

Infinite Parts.
Endless Designs.

Print your own parts. Choose from thousands of projects, or make your own.

Uberstix Works
With Recycled Materials.

Popsicle Sticks, Straws, Paperclips, Water Bottles, Endless Possibilities

Join A Community of Designers.

Upload your designs and share with others.

3 Ways to get started with Uberstix. Which is right for you?


If you have big appetite for building, the UberARC sets are for you. Construct massive futuristic cityscapes, or build build recognizable landmarks from around the world. Beginning with a minimum of 1200 pieces, these are a favorite for those who like to dive in.


Uberstix multi-packs are a great way to get the essentials, or reinforce your existing Uberstix supply. There are 9 basic parts to Uberstix, and each has it’s own multi-pack. We recommend getting some Quarks and CUBstix to start out.

3D Printing

Have a 3D printer? The world of Uberstix just got a whole lot bigger. While there are only 9 essential Uberstix parts, there are hundreds more available to download and print. Once you’ve purchased an STL file, you can print as many of that part as you like, and many parts are free to download. The sky’s the limit 🙂

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"Uberstix are awesome. I bought them for a high school architecture project. The kids love them."

− Tamyra F.

"The next step up from Legos..."

− Richard P.

"5 out of 5 stars. A++"

− Nora D.

"Amazing. Fosters creativity while teaching kids how to follow detailed blueprints."

− Jesse R.

"This is a home run. My kids love it, and so do I."

− Howard P.